The science behind the health benefits of wearing silver 

Silver is a popular, precious metal in jewelry-making because of its affordable price, beautiful appearance, and sustainable market value. But do you know that silver jewelry can provide us many incredible health benefits beyond its beauty and fashion?

The health benefits of wearing silver come from its unique chemical and electrical properties. Silver can help us prevent and fight against infections, cold, and flu. This is because positively charged ions in silver bind readily with negatively charged oxygen receptors found in bacteria. As a result, silver can destabilize metabolic enzymes in common bacteria and ultimately kill them. Furthermore, silver can protect us from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Conductive field created by positively charged silver ions can act as a shield to reflect harmful electromagnetic radiation away from our body. The same conductive field can also stimulate our body’s natural electrical flow and enhance the body’s internal heat regulation and circulation.

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Surprising Health Benefits of wearing Silver Jewelry:

  1. Silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent, which can prevent infections, cold, and flu. It can also speed up the healing of cut and wound.
  2. Silver facilitates regulation and circulation of body heat.
  3. Silver reacts and turns black when it encounters several different toxic chemicals, hence identifying potential toxins.
  4. Silver boosts one’s energy level and brings one’s mind back to focus.
  5. Silver improves the condition of our skin by stimulating skin repairing.
  6. Silver increases the elasticity of blood vessels, which plays an important role in bone formation and body healing. 
  7. Silver protects us from harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from electronics, such as cellphones and computers.

When is the best time to wear your silver jewelry?

You can wear your silver jewelry most of the time but avoid harsh chemicals such as perfumes, chlorine, salt water, cleaning agents, and liquid silver polish. It’s best to combine your silver jewelry with physical activities like yoga and tai chi, as it can enhance energy flow within your body. Your silver jewelry also works best with your spiritual practice, like meditation, affirmation, visualization, and positive thinking. You can choose silver Jewelry that would fit your personality and life style, so you can wear it everyday comfortably.

10 Benefits of Meditation

  1. Increase Happiness

  2. Improved Sleep

  3. Improve Focus & Memory

  4. Enhances Relationships

  5. Strengthened Immune System

  6. Gives life a purpose

  7. Improved outlook on life

  8. Reduce Anxiety and Stress

  9. Reduce Physical Pain

  10. Reduce Depression

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