The feeling of anxiety occurs when you feel fearful or worried about the future and the unknowns. It’s a negative feeling that could cause real physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, headache, and upset stomach. Anxiety can decrease your mental and physical energy level, and thus can interfere with your best performance in your daily life.

If you are feeling anxious, find somewhere quiet and beautiful that you feel comfortable in so you can spend some alone time by yourself.

Follow the steps below to increase your internal energy level:

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths and spin your spinner ring at the same time.
Step 2: Imagine the negative anxious energy is leaving your body with each exhalation.
Step 3: Imagine the positive white energy is filling all parts of your body with each inhalation.
Step 4: Repeat the breathing and spinning exercise until you feel relax and clam.

10 Benefits of Meditation

  1. Increase Happiness

  2. Improved Sleep

  3. Improve Focus & Memory

  4. Enhances Relationships

  5. Strengthened Immune System

  6. Gives life a purpose

  7. Improved outlook on life

  8. Reduce Anxiety and Stress

  9. Reduce Physical Pain

  10. Reduce Depression

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Whenever you’re feeling anxious again, spin your Meditation Spinner Ring, it will remind you the state of serenity. Through time, you will feel more and more positive energy in your body and mind with this simple breathing and spinning exercise.

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