RUMI : DAY by DAY by Maryam Mafi


Here is a companion for life that provides for each day of the year poetry filled with Rumi’s wisdom and spiritual insight.
The poems in this collection are selected on the basis of the poignancy of their message and their relevance to life in the 21st century. It is the only Rumi translation designed specifically for daily meditation.
Here is the timeless wisdom of age-old sayings, translated for modern readers. This book is not only a guide for meditation but also a light switch that you can turn on to make your daily connection with spirit. Use these words as tools to better your life each day. They are here for you to incorporate into your daily life, to draw continued guidance, inspiration and spiritual wealth.
From the book:
You are a mystic pupil
continue your search
with unquenchable thirst
The arena of spirituality has no bounds
abandon your preconceptions
about the ultimate state of being
For you, it’s all in your searching



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